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Wesfarmers Limited is an Australian conglomerate, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, with interests predominantly in Australian and New Zealand retail, chemicals, fertilisers, coal mining and industrial and safety products.

Jack Derwin for Business Insider Australia mentioned how Target employees were underpaid $9 million, as Wesfarmers reveals yet another wage scandal on its books, "Target has become the latest company to admit underpaying staff, with parent company Wesfarmers revealing on Wednesday it skimped on $9 million. It comes just a day after Coles, which was controlled by Wesfarmers until late last year, admitted it had underpaid managers $20 million over six years. Bunnings, another Wesfarmers’ icon, had to pay back $6 million late last year in missing super to 40,000 employees."


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Manager says

"Poor leadership with widespread bullying amongst senior management. Very poor commercial performance in a declining market. Wide spread and frequent redundancies."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low salary and staff development is poor"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The quality of people are mediocre but they think otherwise. Highly top down organisation where talk is more important than work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salary against the market value"

Former Employee - Accounts says

"Rigid, structured, and uncompromising bureaucracy that avoids change – in my localised experience"

Former Employee - Team Leader says

"Outsourced payroll and finance functions could possibly see an increase in communication barriers and time that is taken to attend to routine business matters."

In Charge (Former Employee) says

"You are just another number. They do not allocate enough time for task completetion. Training quality is now poor and no safety management system. Dont forget your magic wand! You are going to need it!Better than not having a job!Everything"

Service Operator, Coles (Current Employee) says

"Constant changes in management, very hard to advance or move. Pay is okay but hard to make savings or live off when it's week to week. Can be quite stressful at times.discount cardalmost impossible to get off casual"

Electrical Coordinator - CHPP (Former Employee) says

"Review Arc Flash Mitigation Review EEHA Practices Monitor Contractor Performance"

Kleenheat Team Leader - Kiosks (Current Employee) says

"Wesfarmers is a good organisation to work for but the management of the Kiosk Program is not good. Very political and a blame game !! The management style is not acceptable."

QA/COACH (Former Employee) says

"the shifts were not good and as a family man i needed to spend more time with my family and working night shift was not an option any longer"

Retail and Logistics Team Member (Former Employee) says

"just a small list of many areas I have had the opportunity to work in. Front counter retail sales. Goods receivables’ and in store department distribution Warehouse inventory management and stock takes. Trade sales and account management Management of customer enquiries and complaints High volume cash and EFT transactions Variable late hours shift roles Tool shop technical assistance and sales Equipment warranty resolutions Decorator and painting customer advisor"

Liquor Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Just like every job theres always something to say. - Pay is better then some jobs out there - Met a lot of great people and a lot of unpleasant but thats for every job anyway - Security is a big no no. I left because I was scared as a women at a busy shop on my own and a lot of theft I didnt feel secure AT ALL - My regulars were the best I miss them - everything was great for me apart from the security and how I felt the need to be on edge every time I was alone. Apart from that I would recommended the job."

SENIOR CASE OFFICER (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced All facets of Workers Compensation Micro management at the highest level but supportive when ill Diverse Being micromanaged The people"

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